Gateway - Summary

System Components

System Backoffice

Main control center for the system

System Reports

Main transaction and risk reporting

Merchant Control Panel

Merchant admin for monitoring, reports and configurations

Developer Center

Merchant API & Management center

Partners Control Panel

Partner admin for monitoring

Clearing System

Silent post, refund request, card storage

Mobile Apps

Customer wallet and merchant credit card payment [iPhone, Android]

UI Service

Hosted payment page, shops product & cart

Win Service

Background service, send confirmation emails, process recurring, retrieve CHB, retrieve EPA

Web Service

Serve wallet & merchant mobile app, shops product & cart, card storage

Monitor Service

Background service for sending information to admin via emails

Error Capturing

Collect errors from all components and display in a readable admin panel

Prepaid VCard

Standalone app for issuing virtual credit cards, loading funds and making charges, can server any gateway thru API

Prepaid VCredit

Standalone app for customers to purchase credit points and use them to pay at any gateway integrated thru API

Main Features risk

Merchant blacklist

Block new merchant from registering in the system when using info in the list.

Item blacklist

Block from processing when one of the items in list is detected
Email, Full Name, Phone #, BIN, BIN Country, IP Address

Credit card blacklist & whitelist

Block cards on blacklist / allow whitelisted cards to skip certain risk check

Country blacklist & whitelist

Block countries on blacklist / countries in whitelist get better score at pre-process risk assessment

State blacklist

Block states on blacklist

Credit card limitation for email address

Block process when same email address is used with many different credit cards

Email address limitation for credit card

Block process when same credit cards is used with many different email address

Pre-define transaction amount

Limit the exact amount allowed to process per transaction

Daily volume limit

Limit merchant to maximum daily process amount

Limit rules

Set limit for failed count, pass count and total pass amount allowed per card
Can set as temporary block so card is automatically removed from blacklist


Address verification of billing address
3rd party service

Pre-process risk assessment

Rate how much a charge is a potential risk and let system choose if to proceed
3rd party service (Maxmind)



Manage affiliates/partners


Gather transactions under one payment
Merchant & Partners

Wire money

Transfer money to merchants, partners and 3rd parties

Balance account

Merchant account where the gateway holds money for the merchant

Payment request

Merchant request to withdraw money from his balance account


Create Invoices
Local & 3rd party solution

EPA retrieval

Retrieve EPA data from banks and mark transactions accordingly
Automatic & manual upload

CHB retrieval

Retrieve CHB data from banks and mark transactions accordingly
Automatic & manual upload

Auto periodic charge

Auto monthly/yearly fee taken by creating a CC charge or creating a negative system transaction
Merchant, Customer, Partners

Rolling reserve & release

Hold money belongs to a merchant for a time period

Graded clearing fees

Take process fee according to merchant processing volume


Multiple payment solutions

Process credit cards, eCheck, direct debit

Transaction types

Process debit, credit, Pre-Auth


Series of automatic credit card payments charged on a requested intervals
Cycle can be once a day, week, month, quarter, year

Pre-Authorize Auto charge

Automatic capture of a pre-authorization transaction after time set elapse

3D Secure processing

Additional security layer

Card storage processing

Process transactions using a stored card

Refund request

Merchant ask for a refund transaction to be done by gateway admin
Oppose to directly processing a refund transaction

Bank terminal switch

Real-time destination decision
Bank load-balancing, on fail try with different bank

Email notifications

Email confirmation sent to merchant and/or card-holder



Fully manageable product list with tags, options, QR and multi-language support

Secure QR code

Easy and secure product purchase


Cart solution

Online Shops

Ecommerce platform for creating obline shops for every merchant in the system


Credit card storage service

Keep credit card data for later use

Data pulling service

Remote data retrieval
Get transaction, recurring and CHB info

Email system

Retrieve mailbox data to allow response and manage
Mini CRM solution

Currency exchange rate

System hold multiple currencies with their exchange rate
Automatic update of rates for outside source

File archive

Documentation storage for merchants, customers and partners
Mini CRM solution

Pdf & Excel export

Export many of our API documentations, merchant CP pages and main admin data

Question & answers

Dynamic management of Q&A

Skin management

Merchant Control look and feel of our UI component

Multi language

Display and save data in many languages

Template support

System client and server-side code can be different between domains/sub-domains